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Courts Service

Always in Good Hands

Courts Service operate full equipped and resourced after sales and repair facilities to provide after sales support to a full range of electrical, computers, phones, recreational and furniture goods. Courts Service, operates three separate facilities in key locations throughout the country and employs expatriate technicians to provide the highest standards of after sales support. Courts Service also provides its repair and after sales services to walk-in customers and to other commercial enterprises and offer preventative maintenance contracts to Customers. Courts Service offers security and unparalleled peace of mind to Customers purchasing merchandise from Courts.

The Hotel Division in Courts Service based in Namaka Nadi, offers 24/7 installation and repair services on a range of equipment, appliances and general refrigeration to the hotel and restaurant sectors.

Courts Service is the accredited After Sales Service provider for world renowned brands such as LG, Bose, STIHL, Acer, Samsung, Hero, Fisher & Paykel, Philips, Hisense, Akita, NEC, Singer.